Originally from Denmark, I came to England in 1970 to study ceramics and 3-dimensional design at Bath Academy of Art, Corsham. In 1974 I moved with my family to Whitby, North Yorkshire where I ran my own workshop. From 1984 I was member of Northern Potters with whom I showed regularly.

In 1993 I sensed a change was needed. Thus I wound up my business and moved to Norwich with my youngest son. As he started primary school I started at the University of East Anglia studying for a degree in World Art. My special interest was the parameter of art in relationship to craft with gender issues and primitivism in mind. In 1997 I took part in the Norfolk Open Studios. Encouraged by the experience I again set up a pottery studio just outside Norwich. Since graduating from art school in 1974 I have combined my career as a potter with my roll as a mother. I have three children, one daughter and two sons.

For many years I worked chiefly with thrown pottery. Now I concentrate mainly on slab building techniques. Furthermore I continually experiment with pattern and colour and thus often work with simple forms. Mostly I take my inspiration from man made objects attempting to re-create these using the possibilities of the techniques I have evolved. The patterns and textures I am currently working with involve writing with liquid clay through a slip trailer. This gives a textured surface on which layers of coloured slips build up the background colour on which further slips and glazes are trailed in loose writing movements. The pieces are biscuit fired, glazed and finally fired at 1260C.

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  1. Kære Edith
    Tillykke. Den er bare rigtig flot.
    Har du ikke glemt at skrive du er repræsenteret på hvad
    Hedder museet ? Albert and?
    Superflot side
    Kh. Tove
    Er siden lige blevet lagt på?

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